Finding David Bowie


👩‍🎤 ✨ Finding David Bowie

What a weird day!

Here’s the true story. This is an actual photo. Real evidence! Taken on January 30, 2016. (Bowie was still with us 🙏)

In preparing for the release of our debut album of cosmic psych pop, Everything is Light and Sound, we did a photo shoot. Ordinary enough. But never with us! Inspired by David Bowie, we chose to do a photo album cover. After the usual pre-shoot prep of fussing with hair and makeup and costumery, we went out in the snow-y world that day and crafted what is now on the cover of our debut album! It was a fun, weird time - which is always our preference. Afterward, we decided to stay in our Bowie-inspired get-ups and head to the local movie theater to catch the latest Sci-Fi Blockbuster. ;) When we arrived, to our surprise, we found our muse staring back at us! Right there, plain as day, was David Bowie. We just happened to conjure a screening of the classic tale, Labyrinth. As if fate herself had planned it - we ended up blending right in! Can you believe this magic?

Well, the evidence is clear. It really happened and the photo is proof.

What kind of magic have you conjured lately? Do you love Labyrinth as much as we do?

Let us know in the comments!