A Space Age Adventure

A Space Age Adventure

Just as the leaves were starting to change, we took a drive out of Brooklyn into the Hudson Valley. 

It was a very brisk day and the first we had to dig out coats and things for our outdoor adventure. 

On the drive up, we wound and wound, taking in all the glory of the river and its surrounding tree lines. A breathtaking view, and one that is a bit scary at times. 

This adventure had been talked about for almost a year - and we finally made it happen - without realizing it was perfectly timed for the glorious splendor of early fall. 

We reached our destination - Storm King Art Park - with much anticipation. Usually this is a bad thing - setting yourself up for a lackluster experience. But we could never have set up ourselves up for how amazing this was going to be. 

It is a 500 acre park filled with giant sculptures! A good many of them have been there since the 60s and 70s. It is breathtaking. 

We wanted to stay forever, but ended up only scratching the surface before tiring out! 

I call this A Space Age Adventure because it felt like being on another planet, or inside someone's imagination from another time. 

Each sculpture looked different as you walked toward it, and around it, and took in the beauty of the nature around it. It was hard to tell which was the art - the sculptures or the rolling hills with changing leaves. 

An experience we will not quickly forget. There will be a lot of photos (took a bunch with my Holga camera) and videos from this experience on our facebook and instagram, so stay tuned! 

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Life is Music
Life is Music by The Galaxy Electric

Life is music…

A photo story about music

A few years ago, I discovered a new passion. We had been traveling a lot, and while I was capturing the sights and sounds with my phone camera, it left me more distant from the memories. Like they were trapped in the device, instead of taking me back to the moments. 

During this time, a friend had offered to take some photos of us for an upcoming release. She had just received a camera from her grandfather's estate that had been repaired and she was eager to test it out. She knew we would be up for it (as she knew our love for all things 60s/70s retro and analog). 

After the film came back - we were in awe. It was considered a toy camera in its day, but yet it held some cosmic magic in its simplicity. It shouldn't work well - but what it did do was make each moment jump off the page and tell a deeper story than even the true moment itself. 

After this experience, I discovered these toy cameras, called Holgas, were being reproduced, and very cheaply. I found one easily online with all the extras and proper film rolls. I studied up on all the best youtube channels. And set about to see the world through this new lens (sorry that pun was just too good to pass up!). 

I've now developed roll upon roll - color and black & white - in the past few years. Anytime we travel, or even explore the city we live in - I bring it along (mostly on sunny days, as the colors it captures just blow me away). 

I am always beaming with pride when the rolls come back and there has been some double exposure or light leak magic that made a moment I forgot I captured come back into richer focus. 

I am always torn between posting all of the photos immediately, and usually end up cherishing them in private until I can't bare to keep them to myself any longer. 

All of this to say - my recent developments after almost a year of forgetting I had so many rolls piled up - pleased me beyond measure. Mostly because we had traveled so much and there were wonderful memories to explore. 

The photo in this post is one that I took in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Each bench has a placard with the donor's name and usually a quote. But this one was too remarkable not to capture on this magic film. And I am so glad I did. It seemed silly at the time. Why not just use my phone and post to insta stories? Something in me said, you are going to want to make this one permanent. 

Life is music. Life without music wouldn't exist. Our universe was literally propelled into existence by sound. I hear music in the distant sirens, mixed with strollers clacking on the sidewalk, and children's voices criss crossing the alleys everyday. I feel it in my skin. I write songs in my dreams. Life is unknowable to me without music - and most of the time, unbearable. 

Walking past this bench - I felt seen, and known, in a busy, crowded, overheating world that is always telling me to get in line and get my head out of the clouds. 

Whoever A.Z. is - perhaps a euphemism for existence itself - they have reminded this passerby to listen even harder and dream even bigger. 

Life without music would be a mistake.  -A.Z. 

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Behind the Song: Please Come Home Soon

Behind the Song: Please Come Home Soon

...I am in my room, waiting for you...Please Come Home Soon... 💔🌙✨⁠ ⁠

These are the opening lyrics to the final song on our album, “Everything is Light and Sound.

Today, we want to share with you a little bit of the process for the songwriting and recording - what this songs means to us and how it came to be. We hope you enjoy!

From Jacqueline: ⁠ Please Come Home Soon is a very personal song. I didn't expect to put it on our album. It's a song I wrote on my old '80s Casio late one night trying to wait up for Augustus to come home.⁠ We've always had such opposite schedules and this season was especially difficult. We were like ships passing in the night; one asleep when the other got home, and then leaving in the morning while the other was still asleep. We would make music for each other and leave it on the 4 track, so we could listen and add to it whenever we were home. After too many days like this, Please Come Home Soon poured out of me in a matter of minutes. I made a quick recording on the 4 track with my vocals and the Casio parts. Almost like a musical love note. One night, when he was home alone, he added a bass part. It was our secret song for a while, until a friend heard it and implored us to release it. I was very hesitant, but eventually we went into our studio with a drummer friend and made the recording that ended up on the album. I still remember sitting on the floor in the studio while Augustus manipulated the effects as I layered my vocals onto the tape. An intimate process for an intimate song. ⁠ ⁠

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Join our Cosmic Tape Music Club!

If you are a like-minded cosmic voyager, I bet we have a good bit in common. 

So we started a private group for all the lovers of cosmic tape music over on facebook. 

A place where fans of experimental music made during (or inspired by) the Space Age, using DIY electronics and magnetic tape, can gather to share inspiration together!

Tape manipulation, sound collage, basic and often mechanical effects and sound processing methods are the focus. ...The studio as the instrument...

In this club, we are sharing and exchanging ideas, educating each other, exploring music new and old, and making new friends from all around the globe. 

Won't you join us? 

You can find the club here - just hit that Join button and answer the questions to prove you are real live human - and let the fun begin!

Patch & Tell: A Modular Synthesizer Meetup

Making music with modular synthesizers is like world building. It's endless, it completely sucks you in, and you tune out the rest of the world. This is true for deciding which modules to use, how to use them, and patching them up to make sound. When you finally come up for air and are happy with your sound, usually there is no one around to celebrate with you. 

It can be a very solitary exploration. So we decided to start a meetup in our area. 

Patch & Tell is a casual gathering of Modular Synthesizer enthusiasts of all levels and types. So far, we've had people with all in one solutions, easy to carry travel kits, and rigs that need two people to carry them inside!

This past month we had a variety of guests show off a patch they pre-built, and played for the group. We caught it on film so we can share it with you. At the meetup, we have a Q&A session for each synthesist, but you'll have to attend for all the inside info ;)

Check out the video on our IGTV channel to see what its all about! 

Deep Listening



So often when we listen to music, it is paired with a visual, an activity, or is simply a background noise. Music rarely stands on its own these days, yet, like nature, needs only to be paid attention to for a truly blissful experience. Like a beautiful sunset, when was the last time you sat somewhere quiet, put on your favorite headphones, and let the music speak to you? In our deepest places, music can reach us in ways that nothing else can. Take time to enjoy deep listening and see how it affects you. Your ears are longing for you to let them explore.

Finding David Bowie

👩‍🎤 ✨ Finding David Bowie

What a weird day!

Here’s the true story. This is an actual photo. Real evidence! Taken on January 30, 2016. (Bowie was still with us 🙏)

In preparing for the release of our debut album of cosmic psych pop, Everything is Light and Sound, we did a photo shoot. Ordinary enough. But never with us! Inspired by David Bowie, we chose to do a photo album cover. After the usual pre-shoot prep of fussing with hair and makeup and costumery, we went out in the snow-y world that day and crafted what is now on the cover of our debut album! It was a fun, weird time - which is always our preference. Afterward, we decided to stay in our Bowie-inspired get-ups and head to the local movie theater to catch the latest Sci-Fi Blockbuster. ;) When we arrived, to our surprise, we found our muse staring back at us! Right there, plain as day, was David Bowie. We just happened to conjure a screening of the classic tale, Labyrinth. As if fate herself had planned it - we ended up blending right in! Can you believe this magic?

Well, the evidence is clear. It really happened and the photo is proof.

What kind of magic have you conjured lately? Do you love Labyrinth as much as we do?

Let us know in the comments!

A Groovy Night In

A Groovy Night In 🎧 🍸🕺

Whether it’s the rain, the cold, or the grind of the workweek, having a night in can still be a groovy time. Don’t get the blues, just head to the sunken living room in your mind, slip into something more velour, and settle in for a night of groovin.

Some helpful tips:

Bring a friend - but only if you want the company. You are always your first and best friend. So if you need some one-on-one time with numero uno, unplug and disconnect from the rest of the world for a groovy night in with your self.

Stock up first! If you already know you want to have a groove-in before you get home from work, grab your supplies on the way into your pad. If not, go now! You won’t regret it. It’s hard to leave the groovy palace of your mind in the middle of your journey just for a sparkling water or a napkin.

Get comfortable - even if that means full length gloves or a tiara. Whatever makes you feel grooviest, and you-iest, will be the most comfortable you can be.

Settle in, Relax, Let Go, and Groove On!

What’s on your playlist for a groovy night in? Let us know in the comments!

A Space Age Vinyl Party

🎉 A Space Age Vinyl Party

We love a good party! Especially a cozy gathering at home. Inviting old friends and new to meet and mingle. Introducing them to each other - and your new vinyl! Swapping out records, exploring the liner notes and artwork, setting the mood, and guiding the conversation. Music is the key ingredient to any good gathering. As the host of this groovy affair, you are helping your guests to relax, and let off some steam from their day to day grind. Space Age music will always take the party to the next level - cocktails, vinyl and spacey, groovy vibes are a crowd pleasing combination! Tell us your favorite Space Age vinyl record in the comments to take your party to the next level 🚀

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