The Galaxy Electric



“Turns out there’s a dark and empty heart at the center of those space-age bachelor pads.”

-FLOOD Magazine

The Galaxy Electric are Brooklyn based retro-futurists experimenting with psychedelic pop from the space age and around the globe. A self-taught sound engineer, Augustus mans the static-emitting machines that allow Jacqueline's lounge-inspired vocal machinations to soar on their debut effort, Everything is Light and Sound.

Currently hard at work in their project studio, The Galaxy Electric are gathering samples, splicing tape, and engaging in signal processing to tune into just the right frequency for a series of EPs they plan to release over the course of a year, starting with “Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday.”

The new EP series is performed live, and fully improvised to 1/4” analog tape, in the automatic style of surrealists from the turn of the 20th Century, like Joan Miró and André Breton.

After a year of regional touring in support of their debut full length album, opening for artists like Gwenno and Young Summer, as well as a recent collaboration with Paris psych trio, M.A BEAT!, The Galaxy Electric are excited to craft new material for their fans.

The Galaxy Electric Photo Credit Jen Meller.jpg

“A mixture of psychedelic pop, Giallo Films, the 60's and haunted areas of the mind.” - Psychedelic Sounds for the Soul

“Futuristic and Full of Synth” - Lauren Ignited

“Harmoniously brings together the past and the future into a sonically ambitious effort” - DC Music Download